Hier finden Sie die Termine für die Nationale Feiertage in Malta 2018


jan-01MondayNew Year's Day
feb-10SaturdayFeast of Saint Paul's Shipwreck
mar-19MondayFeast of Saint Joseph
mar-30FridayGood Friday
mar-31SaturdayFreedom Day
maj-01TuesdayLabour Day/May Day
jun-07ThursdaySette Giugno
jun-29FridayFeast of Saints Peter and Paul
aug-15WednesdayThe Feast of Mary's Assumption
sep-08SaturdayThe Feast of Our Lady of Victories
sep-21FridayIndependence Day
dec-08SaturdayFeast of the Immaculate Conception
dec-13ThursdayRepublic Day
dec-25TuesdayChristmas Day